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This NOKIA rebrand is the second-ever rebrand I have had the opportunity to work on. My knowledge of NOKIA itself however is the basic information/impression that the public has of this tech giant. I could see its decline in its brand presence through the years, and identify the advantage in this due to NOKIA’s shift in target audience being other established businesses.

R:69 G:193 B235

C:64% M:0% Y:4% K:0%


R:114 G:212 B:103 C:57%

M:0% Y:74% K:0%


Social Media Post

The social media posts consist of existing statements found on the NOKIA website. They also focus on what NOKIA has to offer and the scale on which they promise to achieve.


Similar to the social media posts, the posters as well contain statements/contents of what NOKIA has to offer. The posters act as an educating point for potential businesses and what the company has to offer them.


The reception design embodies the company message through interactivity and immersion. Similar to the logo animation, the floor of the reception allows each visitor or employee to have their own bubble on the LED floor below. As each person walks near another, the bubbles will conjoin and retract. This symbolizes teamwork and collaboration.

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