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White Space Poetry is a collaboration with Netflix, my intention is to create a space where youths can raise their voice creatively to express what they feel in the form of poetry. On purchasing a ticket anyone can attend a White Space meeting. The campaign consists of a shared space within a mall along with posters scattered around the mall explaining what white space is. People can then buy tickets for the event weekly, tickets which they can then proceed to decorate. And finally the design for the venue.

A few prompts will be already visible at the shared space to help start off those who are sitting and relaxing in the space.  

At a typical meeting, each attendee will be updated on the topic for that week, the attendees can then perform their original piece however they please.


After the performances, they can then take part in marking their own zine. Each performer can decorate two pages and then make copies to pass around to other performers. They can then staple them together and take them home. A cover page will be provided to each performer explaining with examples what a zine is and how to make one.

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